Serving Victims of Domestic Violence in San Joaquin County since 1982

Women's Center- Youth & Family Services (WCYFS) is San Joaquin County's primary provider of domestic violence services. WCYFS provides comprehensive, trauma-informed, supportive services and emergency shelter to women, men, and children to recover and heal from the impact domestic violence has on their lives. 

The DAWN House is Stockton's 40-bed, undisclosed emergency domestic violence shelter. The DAWN House provides food; clothing and basic necessities; individual counselling; support groups; court accompaniment and advocacy; assistance with temporary restraining orders; safety planning; information and referrals, parenting classes; and a financial literacy program. The DAWN house provides up to 10,000 shelter nights annually to victims and their children.


The Greenhouse is the building at the DAWN House in which all children receive counseling and services while in residence at the DAWN House. Since 1982, The Greenhouse and its "Just For Kids" program has been available to children of domestic violence and is designed to minimize the impact of domestic violence.  Children in The Greenhouse learn to express their emotions in healthy ways and that what they've experienced is not their fault. 

Research indicates that 3-4 million children ages 3-17 are at risk of exposure to domestic violence annually. These kids are often exposed to seeing physical and sexual abuse, hearing threats and fighting from another room, observing blood, bruises, and tears, and feeling the tension of fearfulness; they typically account for at least 60% of WCYFS shelter residents. Additionally, 50% of the children living in homes where domestic violence is present are abused physically and / or emotionally themselves. Child victims of domestic violence have much higher rates or re-victimization, depression, drug use, and suicide. 

The goal at The Greenhouse is to work with child victims to reduce the impact of child abuse and prevent long-term implications, such as emotional responses (fear, guilt, shame), physical responses (stomach aches, bed wetting, sexual abuse, neglect), or behavioral responses (acting out, withdrawal, anxiousness). By providing age-appropriate activities, the counselors teach children to being to heal with the trauma they've experienced. 


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